About me

Hi, my name is Jan and I am a Linux enthusiast. I am an IT professional, working as systems administrator. I’m interested in security, infrastructure automation, high availability, scalability and performance of the environments. In my work I alway try to do my best to achieve the goal with the top results. In past I have worked with Windows Servers and MSSQL Databases, but this is mostly the past. Since the beginning of my career I was, of course, working with the Linux servers but I also had to deal with these Windows Environments. I am familiar with Active Directory thanks to that. Yet most of my work was always focused on Linux environments and now I am working almost only with them. In past I have successfully implemented Bacula in company’s environment then I have prepared an Ansible playbook for automating servers’ backups. Currently I am working on Bareos implementation in a wide customers’ environments range after successful deploy in my current company. One of the steps will include automation with Chef, among many more steps required to describe whole infrastructure as a code. On this blog I want to share my professional knowledge and some additional tips, like personal security tips and so. I will update this section about me from time to time, so check it sometimes to stay up to date.

In addition to my professional experience, I also use Linux on my private computers. I will rather not publish anything specifically related with Windows, but there may be some exceptions from that. Sometimes I will post about software that is worth to use privately, with screenshots made on Linux, but I will always check and note if the software is available for Windows and/or Mac OSX


In addition you can contact with me if you need a support